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What is virtual reality and how can it benefit my brand?

Virtual Reality is gaining ground step by step. Big companies such as Microsoft, Samsung or Google have already developed and commercialized several devices that can change our experience when using our devices.

According to the RAE, virtual reality is a “representation of scenes or images of objects produced by a computer system, which gives the impression of its real existence.”

Virtual Reality allows to have a total immersion in a virtual custom world, giving thousands of applications to this technology.

The main drivers of virtual reality are entertainment companies, such as many companies developing games and movies for this type of platform. This impulse comes alongside the competition for having the “best device”, the one that gives the most realistic experience.

But not all of it is purely entertainment, Virtual Reality is also becoming a useful tool for training people in different industries; from educational crane operating simulations that teach operators how to work with that machine, to simulations that teach children how the digestive system works.

The speed of this changes allows us to picture new scenarios for this technology, and brands are increasingly including this kind of experiences in their digital strategies.

So, what are the benefits of virtual reality applied to marketing?

Innovative content

This technology offers the possibility to show the brands new products in a innovative and different way. Virtual reality transforms a simple promotional video into an immersive experience that will certainly not go unnoticed.

Customer is the main character

Through virtual reality content, we give a whole new user experience to our customers, allowing them to make their own decisions on what they want to look on your promotion. They become the protagonists of our brand story.

Greater brand awareness

By giving a different sensorial experience, and transforming the user into a protagonist, videos or video games are easier and more likely to be remembered over time. The impact of our content becomes much greater than a typical advertising.

A good story

If we use this technology to tell a good story in which our brand is involved, the impact will be even greater and will give us a stronger emotional connection with our target audience.

Return of investment

Most virtual reality projects generate a big ROI (return of investment). If you are curious, just take a look at the following case studies parts of the world:

So…. why are you waiting to innovate using Virtual Reality?