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What GAMING means for us

At Cualit we are not only passionate about playing video games, but also developing them.

Unity3d is the most popular game engine among developers. From this platform, we work in the development of 2D or 3D video games.

We create games that adapt to modern platforms and devices: PCs, consoles (Playstation, XBox etc.), Mobiles (iOS, Android), Web, AppleTV / SamsungTV, VR (Virtual Reality), among others.

In addition, we take care of the different stages involved in the game development process: Planning, Defining equipment and resources, Design, Business Model, Development, Publication.

Our professionals are trained by courses developed by one of the North American universities best conceptualized in the subject, the Michigan State University.


“To be a great gamer is not just about playing video games. Playing is just part of the game. It is necessary to comprehend the small parts that compose it, to be able to visualize it and to understand it in its totality”.

Cualit Team

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