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Trends in Virtual and Augmented Reality for 2021.

In times where immersive experiences have become a necessity for closing the physical and digital gap, we tell you the main advances in this market that is growing exponentially.

As we mentioned in previous notes, What is virtual reality and how can it benefit my business? the use of virtual reality has become popular in recent years for different aspects of life, beyond the entertainment industry.

The Covid-19 pandemic has influenced the adoption of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), generating a greater impact in different sectors of the economy, and generating a turning point.

Experts say that this year its market will grow exponentially, as this technology manages to spread to commercial and personal use environments. This process is facilitated by continuous technological improvements. This is the case of the new high-end smartphones that include sensors to detect depth, by allowing, for example, augmented reality applications to place objects such as virtual furniture in physical spaces.

The virtual reality market is expected to reach $ 20.9 billion by 2025. Easy availability of affordable VR devices is the key factor driving the adoption of VR devices.

On the other hand, the Augmented reality market is estimated to reach USD 72.7 billion by 2024. The most significant factor driving the growth of this market is rising investments in market. 

Investments in the AR market have witnessed huge growth over the past few years. Companies such as Facebook Corporation, Intel Corporation, Qualcomm, Inc., Alphabet, Inc., Comcast Ventures, and Samsung Group are investing heavily in the AR market.

These technologies will help, among other activities, to develop products more efficiently, to improve the consumer experience and better professional training, which will lead to a significant increase in the income of companies that use them. Organizations need to be more productive and users seek for more immersive experiences.


Then, what holds for this virtual world that mixes with the real one?

These are three of the main trends in virtual and augmented reality that promise to revolutionize consumer experiences and the way that companies interact with the environment.


1- Implementation of Virtual Reality in the retail sector

Everytime more companies are using augmented reality to help people with online purchases, especially as many shoppers have been turned away from physical stores due to restrictive measures in the wake of the pandemic.

An interesting fact is that by 2021, around 200 million consumers are projected to use AR both to buy online and in physical stores. Companies such as IKEA, Dior and L’Oreal, among others, already implement these technologies to provide more immersive experiences to customers, who can test products and services from the comfort of their homes.


2 – Training and productivity

In previous notes we have told you about Virtual Reality and its benefits for staff training,but the reach of VR in training and education is opening doors to all kinds of fields and industries thanks to the progressive cheapening of technology.


Nowadays, from factories to the army or schools and universities are betting on the use of VR to train professionals in certain subjects that are difficult to access.

Also, in the offices, employees will be able to carry out certain tasks in real time, to improve their skills and acquire greater productivity.

3 – VR makes its way into the world of advertising

Google and Facebook are implementing new augmented reality ads that allow users to simulate products before evaluating whether they want to buy them, generating greater interaction of people with a product or brand.

These technologies will continue to break into the market to provide high-level digital experiences, seeking a greater connection of consumers, strengthening their loyalty to brands and increasing engagement in companies.

Remember that you have Cualit to help you lead the way! AR and VR are here to stay and are for all kinds of ventures.

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