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A not so brief introduction

Telling and listening to stories has been around us since the beginning of times, but today we have the tools to record and share those stories with anyone who wants to listen. 

A podcast is an audio piece published on a digital platform that has some continuity over time. These audio pieces can be heard or downloaded from the internet and generally have a concept that unifies every episode, although they can beat around the bushes.  

The word “Podcast” comes from the combination of “iPod” and “broadcast” and it came to Adam Curry, a visionary Video Jockey of MTV. The reason it became linked with the iPod in name was that people downloaded the broadcasts (audio shows) to listen on their iPods. 

There is a huge variety of content and strategies for podcasting. Do you want to talk about stuffed animals, science or food? You can talk about anything you want, record it and publish it on some platforms like:

And where do the brands come in?

The role of podcasts in a marketing strategy

The use of the podcast in an online marketing strategy and specifically in content marketing is still not very usual, but it is a format with a lot of promising potentials (according to Hubspot, 51% of the population of the United States have heard at least one podcast in their lives). And it is expected that its use will increase exponentially, especially by the mass use of mobile phones with internet access.

In addition to entertaining us, podcasts can help in a marketing strategy by bringing the brand closer to its audience, transforming a brand problem into a communication opportunity. For example, McDonald’s created ‘The Sauce’ podcast, which emerged from the conflict they had when they needed to discontinue the Szechuan nuggets sauce.


Advantages of this type of content? Many.

Its main advantage over other types of content is its immediacy and accessibility. We can easily access the podcast content on our mobile device at any time while we are doing other activities.


Some Brands that do Podcasting

Technology, health, data, gaming and how the future may unfold based on our lives today and the choices we’re making as individuals and as a society.

Johnson & Johnson’s focus on health and “innovation” is the perfect theme for their podcast.

The theme of this podcast is perfectly in line with Slack’s purpose, helping teams and businesses work together more effectively and the two make a good blend of brand and branded podcast.

This podcast is told in a journalistic/interview style and focuses on entrepreneurs who grew their business from an idea to a full-fledged company. 


Tools are made to be used, so what are you waiting to start podcasting?