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Suppers is an all-in-one platform that combines software, hardware, and payment processing to optimize the restaurants and gastronomic entrepreneurs operations.

It is a unique tool that helps grow sales and delight clients to make them come back and recommend the company.



The gastronomic industry is familiar for Cualit. For example, Factura Simple, our spin-off company of electronic invoicing, E-Commerce, Management, and Billing works together with the best restaurants in Uruguay since long ago.

In this process, we realized that gastronomic companies need an ally that helps them know everything that happens in their restaurants in real-time, and based on that information make the best decisions to drive growth, satisfy their recurring customers and attract new ones.




Generate a platform that adapts to any kind of restaurant, with tools that help restaurant owners and gastronomic entrepreneurs make the best decisions for their businesses.

We found inspiration in the gastronomic industries’ will to grow and eat the world, and in that magic that’s generated for the customer at the moment of going out to eat or even when ordering food. The whole experience has to be simple and hassle-free, and for that to be possible an innovative and intelligent platform that is really ‘delicious’ is a must.

This challenge made us think about how to apply intelligence and technology to offer tools that adapt to any kind of restaurant, considering every possible option to make life easier for both business owners and customers.


The Solution


A platform that supports an industry that moves thousands of families in our country,  and millions of people around the world.

The first goal was to develop a platform with reporting tools and automatic alerts, adaptable to any kind of restaurant, and with new channels for delivery sales, takeaway, and main hall. 

Its ORDERING APP  allows the customers to pre-order their meal before actually sitting at a main hall table and receive it directly at the point of sale in the most efficient way.

During the development stage, we also worked on the search of a name that would work and be powerful in any language and that we would also be charmed by, an identity and complementary colors of technology and gastronomy, and a branding that derived in a claim: The smartest way to eat the world.

A new word was also born whilst thinking in the end-user solution because Supper is Intellicious.  

También nació una nueva palabra pensando en la solución para el consumidor final, porque Supper es Intelicioso. 


The services


  • Mobile App Development
  • Web Development
  • Branding
  • Persuasive Design
  • Creativity
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Community Management




The smartest way to eat the world & The most complete platform.