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Succes Case Mautone Play

Sanatorio Semm Mautone is a benchmark in health with more than 40 years of experience caring for the people of Maldonado and the tourists who visit Uruguay.


The Challenge


Raise awareness about the importance of personal healthcare at home among children and young people to prevent diseases.

The Solution


At Cualit Gaming Studios we developed a fun video game for adults and children, packed full of action and challenges.

At Cualit Gaming Studios we developed a fun videogame for adults and kids, packed full of action and challenges, with different types of foes such as bacterias, fungus and germs.

It has multiple fun levels plus educational questions so players, no matter their age, can learn while playing.


Our work


Our innovative team of designers and developers created wonderful fun characters and beautiful scenery that encourages players to learn about personal healthcare.

It’s a highly interactive experience where you can even compete, challenge, and rank against your friends!

The players’ mission is to kill as many germs as possible, before the temperature rises in order to keep everything clean. As you move forward through different stages of the game, your personal knowledge about healthcare is challenged with educational questions that will surely make you learn by playing.


The results


The result is a very dynamic, educational yet simple video game, that encourages everyone to learn about personal healthcare while having fun playing.

  • An extremely easy to play video game available on the App Store and Google Play Store.
  • Suitable for all audiences.
  • 100% free.