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Social Media Trends for 2020

This new decade brings a lot of revolution. It’s time that we take the changes, make them ours and immerse ourselves in the new trends that are already earning their place in the digital world.

In 2020 social media takes center stage and positions itself as the most innovative and versatile tool for the world of technology and digital marketing.

We want to tell you about the most relevant trends to help you get prepared for these big changes!

The next generation 

The great revelation of 2019 was Instagram, which was established as the fifth largest social network of the year, with one billion users per month. However, by 2020 Tik Tok is expected to position itself as the most relevant social media channel, reaching 750 million users per month.

Besides, the changes in technology also bring a change of perspective and objectives among social media users. The new generation no longer aims at massiveness in their communities but at relevance and closeness. The viralization of contents is no longer sought, commitment and awareness instead, are the new objectives.

On the other hand, we see that conversations and user behavior have also changed with this revolution. Now topics such as #DigitalDetox predominate in social media, following a line that aims to raise awareness about the impact of social networks. 

This represents a new challenge for companies that are driven to monitor their consumers, learn about the issues that build interest and act on it. Brands increasingly seek to create quality content and leave the massiveness of messages in the background. It aims to create experiences that enrich the relationship with their community.

Privacy and new technologies.

Social media have been labeled under the idea of ​​distrust due to the recurring viralization of fake news and misinformation about the privacy of user data.

In addition, the confidence of a brand can be compromised if it is related to something that puts the personal information of its users at risk. Thus, in 2019, 3.1% of the news that referred to the trust of a brand was related to false news and misinformation.

This way, companies are increasingly facing the great challenge of keeping their trust intact. In 2020 the main trend will be brands and social media working together to counter the distrust perceived in recent years.

Even Facebook has already started working with this new trend and implemented in its platform the possibility that the user can know where their personal information is extracted from, even from those applications outside Facebook. This enables the user to manage the information he gives away, and feeds the trust and transparency of the platform.

Marketing and the Z Generation

Marketing is also riding the wave of the technological revolution and new trends for this coming decade, looking for new work platforms and new ways of communicating.

This implies that by 2021 it is expected that the search advertising on mobile devices will overcome those on desktop. This remains true even for our customer base, mobile searches currently represent 62.40% compared to desktop searches that only represent 35.40%. In addition, voice search and e-commerce are increasing their relevance and protagonism to marketing.

On the other hand, 84% of Millennials do not feel identified with, and do not trust traditional advertising. They increasingly require new updates and new platforms, just like the Z generation.

Millennials and Z are generations that grew up with technology, making them the biggest challenge for digital marketing. The key for companies will be to create innovative, personalized and transparent content to get their attention in this new decade. These generations not only buy a product, but also the experience it delivers to them.

AR – VR – AI

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) already played a leading role in 2019, with 13.2 million interactions. With the advances that we have been experiencing in connection networks and the use of 3D lenses, 2020 will be the perfect scenario for these technologies to take off completely.

This year will be the time for companies to invest in these technologies. Augmented Reality helps increase the user experience in the physical store and Virtual Reality will be essential to boost online sales.

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On the other hand, Artificial Intelligence (AI) was the most discussed trend in 2019. In this new year and with the imminent digital transformation we will begin to experience the integration of human intelligence with artificial intelligence.

AI is changing the perspective of users, through the use of chatbots or automation. This will lead brands to invest in this technology to maximize their results both in marketing and in improving the consumer experience.

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¿Are you ready for the next level? 

The digital transformation that we’ll be able to experience throughout this new decade will allow us to take companies to another level. With the collection of data and the close relationship that is sought to be established with the community, we can take more specific decisions as well as better targeted actions.

It is time that we take the lead of this revolution and begin to put into practice the new trends that are emerging as stars in this 2020.