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It is usual to hear some entrepreneurs who are not familiar with the online world to ask themselves the importance of being online.

It is crucial to understand what `to be present online` means and also on which platforms should we appear. We must first set our short, medium and long-term goals in order to get to know the accurate work flow and choose which placements suits better for us. Usually, the best placement is where our target audience is located.

At the moment we live, the online activity in our lives does not stop increasing, either because technology leads us to have a need for its use, or because we directly choose it as the optimal means to achieve objectives and get closer to what is interests for us.

Companies are aware of those who buy their products and the people they want to target. We live immersed in a digital world, so it is time to ask ourselves who we want to reach with our online communication and where these people are. Is my target audience watching television? Are they  listening to the radio? Are they on Instagram? Understanding where we mostly find these people is the key to choosing which platforms we should be on. For this, we must be informed about how different age ranges communicate with each other and how they behave, in order to achieve the most compatible and accepted communication.

As online users, we are constantly receiving communication from different brands. So it’s very important to have a solid marketing and communications strategy to target our audience with the most accurate messages that inform people about our products or services and also to ‘be there’ when they are searching online.

Through the digital transformation, we achieve effective communication processes and also their measurement. We reach more segmented audiences, which brings us closer to greater possibilities of converting objectives and we can personalize communication to achieve even better results. In addition, we announce the news of our brand with greater speed and fluidity.

If we dedicate ourselves to putting together a map of our business and target audience, we can continue with a specific strategy to achieve our goals and obtain better results. Having a marketing team that understands about digitalization and its process is fundamental so the money invested has a return and is not lost money.

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