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Incorporate a new Sales and Marketing Mobile Channel to your current E-Commerce solution through our innovative Cualit m-Commerce, part of Cualit E-Commerce Platform, available for iOs and Android.


Cualit m-Commerce integrates seamlessly with Magento significantly incrementing the value added of your current E-Commerce Solution and leveraging it’s benefits.

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The platform offers a unique set of features, ranging from:

  • Coupons & Promotions
    • Compatible a the E-Commerce Website, the Mobile Apps themselves, and even the Retail Stores
    • Limitless Promotion Rules to meet and exceed your marketing needs (SKU, Amount, Customer Segment etc.)
  • BarCode and QRCode Scanning
    • Scan “hidden” special promotions anywhere, anytime and incorporate them to your app to later use
  • Featured Products and Promotions
  • Product Catalog
    • Browse, Search, Filter and access all Product data
  • Shopping Cart
  • Integrated Checkout
  • Whishlists
  • Geolocated Nearby Stores
  • Newsletter Suscription
  • Customer Registration and Acess to Customer Data
    • Previous Orders
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