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Retablo Restoration: A surprising business

Retablo Restoration is the first uruguayan company dedicated to the conservation and restoration of cultural assets: painting, sculpture, historical buildings, furniture, wood, graphic documents, among others.

In order to communicate their services and work methodology, they realized they needed a website. They defined it with a classic and conservative style. To carry out their development and design, they trusted Cualit.

Retablo Restoration has a great commitment and dedication for its work, with the goal that future generations enjoy the country’s patrimony. His work is challenging and extremely surprising. On one occasion they found a mural from the nineteenth century hidden under 6 layers of paint in the hall of the Palacio Santos, which they managed to recover.

Understanding this commitment, in Cualit we have created a website strongly aligned with the standards of the business, which clearly communicates the values ​​and the great work that Retablo Restoration does. Also, it opens a channel of contact with the clients, so that they can request quotation.

We invite you to view the results and send us your feedback