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Punta GO: an innovative touristic proposal

Punta Go is a new proposal in Uruguay, that turns technology into the service of tourism in a very innovative and unique way.

This is a free application available for Android and iOS, which invites people to rediscover Punta del Este in an unprecedented way.

Those who download the Punta Go application will access historical photos, stories with sound effects that recreates what happened in the exact place the user is standing. Since the app works offline, you don’t depend on Internet to access all the information.

At Cualit we are responsible, first, for the Design of the Corporate Visual Identity of Punta Go. A concept that seeks to fuse the representative colors of the Uruguayan coast: sand, sea and sky, with an isotype that presents a visual game of three elements: the letter P, the earphone of the audio guides, the compass and the PIN marker that points places of interest in a map.

We are also part of the development of the institutional website and its maintenance. A platform that intends to communicate in a simple way the functionality of the app, with attractive images that invite you to download it.

Lastly, we are responsible for the technical support of the mobile application, of its optimal  performance and guaranteeing the users have experience free of inconveniences.


We invite you to know more about Punta Go’s proposal and discover the hidden secrets of Punta del Este: