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Portfolio Strategy First



Strategy first is a PC and Mobile Devices game producer and editor with 31 years in the industry. The Canadian company has a catalog composed of a list of over 300 games and is known for innovative titles such as Flatout Racing, Ghost Master, S.C.S. Dangerous Waters, and also for being the proprietary of the Space Empires saga.




Strategy First publishes and gives visibility to games made by independent developers so they can reach a worldwide audience. And for video games to have a greater and better scope, we updated and optimized the video game code from its enormous catalog so that it is accessible, and we position it in the most relevant video game sales platforms in the industry, such as the Steam giant, the most important platform in the market, where soundtracks are also sold; and GOG, a platform with a geekier side, and also a specialization on vintage games.

We also created and implemented an eCommerce channel on their website to make the purchase and download of video games easier, accompanying it with a digital marketing strategy to optimize its visibility and reach a greater number of video game lovers.




  • Adapt videogames that were developed over 30 years ago, so they worked on modern OS’s.
  • Make them accessible for the global audience by publishing them on the main video game selling platforms.
  • Achieve greater visibility and downloads of the games on their catalog.


This year, we will take on the challenge of working with games that are considered relics, such as the Space Empires saga.


The Solution


  • We designated a multidisciplinary team with Development, Marketing, and Design components to work in association with Strategy First.
  • We created an eCommerce channel that is simple to use for video game lovers so they can make their purchases directly on the Strategy First website.
  • We create ad campaigns in English and Spanish, and also give response con questions in various languages in order to reach more gamers around the globe.
  • We monitor the activity of the campaigns in real-time in every country, measuring the KPI’s and reacting quickly, in consequence, to optimize them and guarantee the success of each campaign.
  • We update, modify, and optimize the code, so the games are accessible for everyone and compatible with the main selling platforms.
  • We added value, gave visibility, and positioned Strategy First games through Marketing and Communication strategies.


  • Game publishing
  • Software development
  • Web Development
  • Customer support
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Graphic design


We positioned the company in several countries at the same time and maximized conversions thanks to the execution of monthly campaigns. These campaigns are directed to several countries, through various publishing platforms, on the main social networks and the Google network, with graphic and audiovisual design.

Today we are working to bring a classic saga like Space Empires closer to new generations of gamers, and we know that it will be a level up for everyone.