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Portfolio Pitibebê



Pitibebê is a brand from Santa Catarina (Brazil) that manufactures clothes and a variety of accessories for babies, with a wide range of comfortable and fun products, which was born with the aim of being present in the baby’s day-to-day life. It is a brand truly made with love as its claim professes, and this is thanks to the dedication of its creators.

As love seeks more love and transcends borders, they came to Cualit seeking to innovate and enhance the digital presence of the brand thanks to the reference of a mutual friend who realized that we had to work together.



They came to Cualit looking to create an ecommerce, since they wanted to open a new sales channel and reach all of Brazil with their products, and since Pitibebê is a playful and accessible proposal that brings comfort, well-being and fun to babies, we had to also bring those characteristics to mothers and fathers through a web page with a design that reflected its aesthetics, its quality and was easy to use.



The main challenge was to convey the spirit of the brand on its website. This is a brand that seeks to convey tenderness, affection and softness, and our design team had to capture the essence of the world of Pitibebê and transfer it to the design of its site.

Another important challenge was organizing the number of products (with different categories, types of products, collections, etc.) and being able to order them in a simple and intuitive way, generating a good shopping experience for buyers. This detail being something we constantly work on, even after the site is published.

It allowed us to develop smarter campaign strategies, particularly focused on sales and the buyer journey in an area with such relevance today as retail.

Another challenge was their blogging strategy, as we have to put ourselves in the shoes of parents when creating their content marketing strategy. There we must talk about current issues, trends, and also about those things that disturb or attract the attention of the Target Audience we are addressing.



  • Web and Graphics Design
  • Ecommerce Development
  • Google and Social Media Campaigns
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Email Marketing




The main result of the synergy of work with the Pitibebê team is the website itself and the strategy with which we promote it.

We opened the site in February 2020, in March the COVID-19 pandemic arrived and the store had to close in April, leaving its ecommerce as the only means of sale, where we managed to increase sales.