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Portfolio Mia



Mia is a Comprehensive Aesthetic Medical Center that seeks to provide wellness to its clients through aesthetic treatments and professional therapeutic accompaniment.

His proposal includes facial, body treatments, waxing, nutrition, and a space to address the special care of adolescents and pregnant women.

Mia is the right balance between health and beauty.




Mia’s mission is that people look good, and feel good about their personal image, and that through their treatments they find a healthy balance in their lives.

In Cualit they found an ally to transmit these concepts through an online presence with their own website and with a content strategy on social media tailored to their needs, where the values ​​of well-being are inspired by the needs of people. and they are reflected in harmonic contents.




Developing a digital marketing strategy with a careful aesthetic and aligned with their target audience, professionalize their content plan and bring quality leads to the clinic.

The inspiration for this project came from the knowledge of the interdisciplinary professions that make up Mia, and from the concerns and self-interest of the Cualit design and marketing team for healthy and harmonious living.

We took this challenge as an opportunity to invite the audience to discover that the balance between health and beauty is for all people, and to also learn about ourselves through an innovative experience.


The Solution


A renewed website and a content strategy on social media that brings the Integral Center closer to its target audience through its institutional communication, information on its treatments, health and beauty advice, interesting promotions and inspiring images.


The services



  • Web Development.
  • Graphics Design.
  • Social Media Marketing.
  • Campaigns Strategy.




For Cualit, Mia is an opportunity to innovate in a field that provides well-being to the public, and also gives us the opportunity to carry out a creative and inspiring project for the team.

Mia is a project that inspires and infects all areas of Cualit to continue working on content and strategies that we are passionate about and inspire us to continue seeking our own balance.