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Portfolio Las Landas


Las Landas Nursery Garden is a Garden Center that celebrates and shares the love of a whole family for nature. 

Las Landas started out with the dream of a young couple of agricultural engineers who bought a small farm in Punta del Este and started producing vegetables and forest seedlings. Over time this small 2-hectare nursery was transformed into a 15-hectare production farm and a 40,000 square-meter Garden Center that involves a whole family and collaborators.




Las Landas flourished and adapted to changes in the market, going from producing and marketing plants to offering gardening items, pots, and decorative items to live in harmony with nature and enjoy the home.

To stay in line with these changes, they approached Cualit looking for a strategic partner to help them when it comes to innovating and adopting technology to boost sales and be closer to their customers.




Update the digital presence of the company through a marketing strategy that accompanies the birth of their e-commerce channel, with a strong presence in social networks and a design that refreshes their image.

We took inspiration for this project from nature from the very beginning. On the first visit to the Garden Center, the team already understood that this paradise deserved to be known by everyone. The challenge resided in attracting visitors to their Garden Center through attractive content that will make the public fall in love with their products and that particular life experience just like we did.

It is a challenge that led us to learn about nature so that we could fairly and naturally transmit the knowledge and love that is reflected there.

We took this challenge as an opportunity to renew their online presence through a new aesthetic that conveys its essence: nature, peace, family. And here, too, the challenge was to develop an e-commerce site that invites the customer to give away nature.


The Solution


The first step was to create a social media content strategy that would transform and bring the brand closer to its target audience through inspiring images and blog posts.

The second step was the renewal of their website with an innovative design and fresh aesthetics, which invites customers to live each proposed experience in a friendly, beautiful and simple way to use for nature lovers.

In the third place, develop an easy-to-use and public-friendly ecommerce channel (online store). This new channel simplifies the reception of orders and online purchases. Likewise, we enhance it even more thanks to the accompaniment of a communication and promotions strategy that invites customers to use it.

The process was really teamwork between the client and Cualit, and represented a real coordination challenge due to the volume of products and information, and due to the diversity and extent of the content to be published on the web.


The services


  • Web Development
  • Ecommerce
  • Digital Marketing 
  • Social Media
  • Analytics




For Cualit, Las Landas represented an opportunity to innovate in an industry that was new for our team, and carry out an inspiring and creative project.

We keep working on content that we are passionate about and inspire to keep learning in order to share the love for nature of their creators,

In Social Media we analyze every word, interaction and feeling generated by every proposal in order to get better and encourage the audience to interact and finally end up making a purchase through the ecommerce platform or visiting the Garden Center.

An ecommerce platform that grows at a steady pace and invites an audience that was not used to using electronic buying methods to give their first steps and trust it.

Las Landas is a project we constantly fall in love with, it inspires us and becomes contagious for every area of Cualit to keep working and make us feel proud of working side by side to make this green corner of Punta del Este known to everyone.