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Brand Point Portfolio



Brand Point is a Fashion Store in Punta del Este with the most exclusive brands of clothing, footwear and accessories: Valentino, Versace Jeans, Kate Spade, Heartless Jeans, among others.

This luxury multi-brand store has garments and accessories from leading designers, and in order to keep in touch with its customers and make sales without the need to go to its physical location during the COVID-19 pandemic, it needed to have an online presence and a new sales channel.

The project


2020 was the perfect time for Brand Point to jump into the digital universe and e-commerce, indeed it encouraged them to have an active online presence.

It is said that during times of crisis creativity and innovation come to the rescue, and if this pandemic had something positive, it was that we saw how e-commerce penetrated retail, achieving in just a few months what would have taken 10 years. In fact, Brand Point needed a tailored marketing strategy. Firstly to have a presence on the internet and to generate an identity and brand value through content on social networks, and secondly to bring its products to its audience on the website and through the e-commerce that we developed in Cualit.




The first challenge was to think and develop a marketing strategy true to the brand’s identity, which met its objectives and was aligned with the level of its audience. Precisely this is made up mostly of people who need to have confidence in the brand to use a buying and selling technology such as e-commerce, which is totally possible if it is accompanied by a content strategy that seeks to strengthen the brand / user or user / brand link .

The second important challenge was to organize hundreds of garments and articles for the production of photos and online catalog, and as a third challenge to train the Brand Point team in the usability of the ecommerce platform developed so that they can work with total autonomy.

El segundo desafío importante fue organizar cientos de prendas y artículos para la producción de fotos y catálogo online, y como tercer desafío capacitar al equipo de Brand Point en la usabilidad de la plataforma de ecommerce desarrollada para que puedan trabajar con total autonomía. 

The Solution


A design and communication that reflect all the chic that Brand Point is on its social networks, and that continues to generate a community with each passing day. Also a website that includes a chatbot available 24/7 to answer questions and a content strategy on social networks that brings your target audience closer through inspiring images.


The services


  • Web Development
  • Ecommerce Development
  • Chatbot Development
  • Inbound Marketing Strategy
  • Persuasive Graphics Design
  • Social Media Marketing.




  • A new brand identity
  • Brand awareness campaigns of exposure to 100% new customers
  • More Queries
  • A new digital presence focused on e-Commerce


For Cualit, Brand Point is an opportunity to continue convincing an audience that is just taking its first steps as users and buyers within an ecommerce, and that needs patience and clear communication to adopt it. We know that they will end up recognizing it as a tool that came to make life easier for everyone.