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New proposal in Punta del Este: Cornelio Deli Café

Cornelio Deli Café is a new proposal in Punta del Este installed in the Boulevard Gourmet. Their speciality is breakfast buffet style, brunch and pastries, but they also serve light lunch such as gourmet salads, tortillas, tapas and sandwiches.

Their innovation is not only gastronomic but also digital thanks to Cualit.

We designed a Social Media Management strategy that is different from others, with a Community Manager that is responsible for planning, generating and communicating unique content throughout all their social networks.

This job was complemented with audiovisual communication work: professional photography of plates and installations and filming of an institutional video. We also worked on the integral design of their shop window, the menu and several other elements.

We invite you to taste Cornelio:

Facebook: Cornelio Deli Café

Instagram: @cornelio_pde