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Logo design trends 2017

At Cualit we constantly work on the design of several brands and logos, including the redesign of ours.

Since we like to be aware of trends that make the difference, we have done an exhaustive investigation of the most remarkable trends this year and we decided to sum up their characteristics and what they are trying to transmit.

1. Handwritten

Handmade logos are used to suggest authenticity, personality and quality. And at the same time transfer elegance to the brand.


2. Negative space

A design based on the composition of two images, one in positive and the other in negative, that together form a single image.

The idea is based on getting a double vision of the logo to get consumer attention and, consequently, remembrance of the brand.


3. Minimalism

An attempt to say more with less.
Minimalism consists in very simple designs, but able to express what they need. We can find logos that simply consists of a letter or a letter and an icon.


4. Letter stacking

A trend that challenges the consumer to make sense out of a logo.

The challenge to the designer is not to make it too illegible, to generate intrigue in the public and cause impact.
Its complexity comes from its charm: it’s an “egg hunt” on its own, so it’s usually chosen by “intellectual” brands, such as universities or museums.


5. Line art

The design that only uses lines has become very popular. The idea is based on designing a logo through the union of clean and uniform strokes of a single color, without background color.
It is synonym of fresh and modern.


6. Vintage

Trend that has been around for quite while. This design aims to combine something familiar and traditional with something modern and fresh.

A vintage logo can convey a sense of authenticity as well as authority, in a way that a modern one does not.


7. Color gradient

Despite minimalism and linear art are trending, so does  gradient logo design.

However, its use must be justified. Be careful to respect the values ​​of the brand and that the result “rhymes” with its image.



A logo is the core of Corporate Identity, since it defines and symbolizes the character of an organization. That is why, before starting to work on it design, you need to be very clear about what you want to transmit with it and how you want customers to perceive your brand.


Remember that a logo should serve it purpose to differentiate the brand in the market, it must appropriate its meaning, and reflect it creatively. Trends can be helpful as guidance during the creative process, but we should not forget this.