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Info Tourism is the leading national tourist information platform all over Uruguay. They provide all turist’s with the right information to make their stay unforgettable.


The challenge was to innovate how they were feeding information to the tourists nationwide, so they could make the best out of their stay.


Working together with Info Turismo, our team designed an interactive app that enables tourists to get to know Uruguay in a new and engaging way.


With the with augmented reality, users can open the camera on any mobile device and see a virtual map of Punta del Este. The map allows users to visually see at scale the different tourist hotspots around the area and all the information they need to know about any tourist attraction.


It provides useful information about each location, such as, events, services, family-friendly, history and much more; making the tourist experience interactive, fun and accessible. It is a great way to get to know Uruguay and choose the right places to visit that fit your need without even moving a finger.