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How did we start 2021?

At Cualit we finished a pretty crazy, complicated year. That’s why we started the year full of gratitude, taking the recognitions that come to companies and people that bet on disruption, to fuel the starting year.

At the end of December we shared the news that we were recognized among the best B2B companies in Latin America by, the leading rating and review platform for commercial, IT and marketing service providers. It also places us in the #Top5 of augmented reality and virtual reality developers in the region, finishing as Top Brand Consultants of the year.

And we ask ourselves again, what do all these recognitions mean in such crazy times?

First of all, the reviews are more than a reflection of our work; they are projections of desires, they are the feelings of those who trust the team to produce their online presence, to create and represent their image through design and carry out marketing strategies to achieve objectives. These reviews give us confidence to develop ideas and products that become real solutions through technology, to help you better serve your customers.

Starting a new year among the main Business-to-Business and Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality companies in Latin America is a recognition that comes thanks to projects that rely on innovation, creativity, and the use of technology as a tool to reach great achievements.

It comes thanks to companies that trust Cualit with projects such as Flat Out by Strategy First, in which we are able to maximize conversions of the PC version of this video game worldwide. This is also reflected in the synergy with teams such as PitibebĂȘ, the clothing and accessories brand for babies from Santa Catarina (Brazil), when launching e-commerce on its website prior to the arrival of the pandemic of COVID-19, where we managed to increase sales.

Companies that dare to innovate are the ones that make the difference and stand out in such a noisy world. As Sanatorio Semm Mautone, which uses technology as a tool to simplify the lives of its users through a renewed app, with a modern and very intuitive design, and with a self-service kiosk in its central polyclinic that allows cash and digital payments since a short time ago.

We cannot forget to highlight, which placed its trust in our development team, achieving an app that gives the possibility to automatically create, manage and assign delivery orders with artificial intelligence for hundreds of clients, taking advantage of the blockchain to improve the security and full traceability of your orders.

The marketing team’s faith in creativity to carry out the 25-year campaign of Punta Cable, the main cable television provider in Punta del Este, at the very moment of the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic in Uruguay . Imagine having an approved script, a production team up and running and being casting at the moment the news of the first cases in the country arrives. A campaign that reinvented itself thanks to the versatility to prevail in the face of adversity without excuses.

To Factura Simple for allowing us to develop a product that really seeks to make life simpler for companies and people within them, through a platform that helps them administer, manage and promote their ventures.

To The Last From Mars and Cualit Gaming Studios for allowing us to dream the craziest ideas and work playing with Virtual Reality.

This year’s experiences will be the best inspiration to connect with the public.

To all those who trust Cualit and share our total conviction that creativity and innovation are the key to moving forward; THANK YOU everyone.