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It’s no secret that small businesses struggle to manage their orders and deliveries efficiently for an affordable price. Services like Doordash, UberEats or PedidosYa, charge small restaurants 30% of their fees, making it impossible for them to afford. What if they could manage their own delivery flet at an affordable price? That’s why we developed

Flet is a last mile delivery service for SMBs, that helps you manage your own delivery fleet seemlesly and affordably.

It is an innovative service that adapts to any company needing to optimize their delivery process in order to make it simpler. We developed it so that it works using artificial intelligence, and so that it can be adapted to any type of business, whether you are a restaurant with it own delivery service, a maintenance company that does air conditioning repairs or even a helthcare company that delivers health goods to their customers, Flet will help you manage your orders and fleet efficiently and affordably. leverages blockchain to improve the security and overall traceability of your orders in real time.

We give the possibility to create, manage and assign orders to deliveries from anywhere and at any time, helping to improving the service to keep growing. To make it better to the deliveries, it is able to optimize intelligent routes, making the order arrive in the shortest possible time.

It also allows users track the deliveries and orders in real time through the dashboard, knowing your orders status and get notified on changes, and enables customers to digitally sign when they receive the order.

Differences from the competition

Signature confirmation & photo

Optimized intelligent routes



POS integrated


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