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FanWin is THE SPORTS FANS APP and it gives its users the opportunity to have the latest news of their favorite sports and teams, forecast and also share results with other users. With Fanwin, they all become a part of a fans community. 

The Work

After working on a first version of FanWin and it’s branding, we continued working to complete the mobile app. Sports fans download it and enjoy a full sports social experience, that encourages them to interact with other people that share the same love and passion for sports, everything in one platform.

The new major version of the FanWin app was released right before Copa America 2019, and it introduced huge upgrades such as:

The Challenge

  • Deliver the best possible experience for sports fans all within the app, with a user-friendly design.
  • Position their brand as leader in the sports industry
  • A full service project involves a multidiciplinary team of marketers, designers, engineers and managers.
  • Encourage app downloads.
  • Communicate improvements.

The Solution

A big project as this one required a complete understanding of the client’s idea, visual and software integrated design. Also, it was essential to plan a solid architecture for a product that projects fast growth. And to achieve the client´s goals, we counted  with a multidisciplinary team of marketers, designers, engineers, managers and creative professionals, that helped to create an inbound marketing strategy and launch the new version of the app that included:

The Results

The work between different areas of expertise in Cualit was fundamental to achieve client’s goals and get these successful results: 

  • New website updates and new web design
  • + 8,000 new unique downloads in a period of time of a month and a half since the release of the new version.
  • + 4,000 downloads obtained exclusively through social media campaigns since the launch of the renewed FanWin app.


FanWin continues innovating, growing and incorporating new features and sports. This stands as a constant challenge for our company, whether assuring the results are aligned with the client’s vision and objectives, while understanding their users and ensuring the correct operation of their services.


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