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Fanwin was born with the objective of providing sports fan’s with an app where they can live in a sports world and interact with other likemind individuals.

This native mobile app, that now includes football and basketball, and will include tennis for its second version. It allows fans to find out about their team’s matches, news updates, results, and gives users the option to make bets on their favorite sporting events in an innovative way. Users can also find important statistical data about matches and teams that can helps them to predict better. The app has a chat for these bets where the user can communicate with other users and share information.  

It also works with a web forecaster that allows to predict a game and share it on the social networks to collect statistical data about what people thinks, such us a survey.

We work to provide sports fans a complete platform about the sports they love,  and combining everything they need to have a full experience in one place.