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Factura Simple

An innovative solution to operate easily from the web or mobile that allows you to invoice and manage your business in a simplest way. 

We created the brand identity of this application with a design that had a relation with a global concept that describes the use of the service: so easy that even a monkey can use it. We wanted to specifically mark this difference between Factura Simple and the other applications that offer this service.

The main colors we chose were blue, because transmit calm, fidelity, trust and security, and yellow because it is the color of bananas, and it is associated with innovation, fun and happiness. The logo design is a bent invoice, like an origami, to transmit that Factura Simple adapts to any type of business.

We developed a website with an integral design. The design and the information that explains how it works, it is very friendly to make it easier for the user to understand the service.  Having some trouble understanding this part. 

The design of this app was thought so it can be adapted to different businesses. It offers solutions to multiple areas; such as retail, gastronomy, textiles, metallurgy, real estate, financial services, supermarkets, among others.

It was developed with a friendly technology that allows users to replace outdated services and systems that are not at the forefront of technology, with the aim of adding innovation and efficiency to the management of companies.