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Everything you need to know about Social Media for your business

Social Networks landed a few years ago revolutionizing the way we communicate, the rules of marketing and sales.

Today, 2.78 billion people are active users of social networks worldwide, out of a total of 7.47 billion citizens. This number grows along with the number of companies that use social media.

But why do companies are using them and why they’ve become are so necessary to stay competitive?


Social media for business costs less than traditional marketing

Compared to media advertising and traditional marketing, social media helps companies reach more people for a lower cost.

On the other hand, not having a social media marketing strategy can cost more for the business in the long run, as a result of a lack of visibility, not respond followers properly and losing credibility.


Provides brands more exposure and awareness

To those companies that are always interacting and generating content for their followers Social Media can provide many benefits, such as increasing traffic to the web and lead to efficient “word of mouth”.


Offers great cost-benefit for businesses of all sizes

They are an effective communication tool for companies of any size, helping them to save time and money. They favor communication with consumers worldwide, at any time, strengthening bonds with this community.

At Cualit we are guided by these three principles to provide an excellent service to our customers. We believe in the power of actualization to differentiate ourselves from the competition, while understanding the business allows us to do a more efficient job.

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