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Enkel Group Portfolio



Enkel Group is a construction company dedicated to the development  of sustainable architecture projects with energy efficiency as a standard. In addition to dedicating themselves to traditional construction, they are pioneers in the construction of solid wood projects, using cross-laminated timber panels and Steko woodblocks.  They are the only members of @USGBC (US Green Building Council) in Uruguay, a non-profit organization that promotes sustainability in the design, construction, and operation of buildings, giving them great support and reaffirming the values and vision of the company.  We have to highlight that they obtained the First Prize for Energy Efficiency recognized by the Ministry of Industry, Energy, and Mining (MIEM) of Uruguay.




We were excited to accompany this group of architects and professionals who are pioneers of the change of consciousness in the construction industry through innovative techniques and materials. This project was aligned with Enkel’s mission to develop knowledge about its sustainable construction methods and in harmony with the environment.




The first challenge was to generate a website and take its first step in its online presence and centralize its content in one place. This also required a marketing strategy that included content for social networks, attractive blog notes on construction materials and techniques, that kept up-to-date by communicating news in the field, presenting examples of sustainable construction and energy efficiency. In this way, the great challenge of generating brand awareness in your audience and agents in your area would be possible and a first great step. In turn, we started a first SEO strategy to optimize Enkel´s place in search engines.

The solution


  • The development and design of a website that is the cornerstone of the inbound marketing strategy and the content within, nurturing social networks through these strategies, with a sober design that takes care of aesthetics in its entirety and that maintains the warmth of the wood as a general concept.
  • We also developed the Smart Choices creative concept based on the Smart Building slogan, an idea to focus on making smart decisions when building and caring for the environment and being efficient since its methodology shortens construction times considerably.
  • A heterogeneous and versatile team specialized in each area at the client’s disposal, capable of adapting liquid ideas from digital to tangible media, with the design of billboards on national highways and press releases in written media.


  • Web development
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Graphic design
  • Creativity
  • SEO