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Emendo App

Emendo is an Artificial Intelligence tool developed by Cualit. It’s an online media assistant that helps multimedia content producers create mistake-free quality assets.


The project


Emendo’s story started one day, while we were producing a campaign for a well known television company. We were particularly designing the graphics for their service vehicles fleet, when we accidentally misspelled the word “television” writing “televison” instead. This mistake went unnoticed through the eyes of everyone involved, and when we finally noticed, it was too late and the first vehicle was already plotted.

That’s when the question arised: What can we do to prevent this from ever happening again?

That’s how Emendo was born.

With Emendo’s AI help you can detect spelling and grammar mistakes on the spot in images and videos. You can also understand how the color choices influence some “not so obvious” perceptions, enhance the quality of your deliverables, make smart decisions quickly, and communicate in an effective way.

We use Emendo on a daily basis and it has become a key part of our content delivery process. All our graphic assets are checked with Emendo to make sure that they are published without any mistakes and that we also learn more in the creation process.

Its multi-platform apps ensure a better work experience for graphics designers, account executives, admins and content creators, writers and agencies to enhance the quality of their assets.


The Challenge


To design and develop a collaborative tool for content creators, with embedded key integrations, that helps speed up the work and asset delivery flow with total confidence.


The Solution


Besides the spelling correction, Emendo offers a Premium version that presents and extended set of advanced visual and text controls, such as sentiment analysis on images, palette recognition and color suggestion, text percentage to verify the application of the image on different social media platforms, and plagiarism detection.


¿What does Emendo offer?


Text Analysis


  • Text recognition
  • Spelling correction
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Text percentage


Image Analysis


  • Palette recognition
  • Color suggestion
  • 30-60-10 Rule deviation
  • Plagiarism detection


Nowadays we are working on advanced video processing and analysis functions that will be presented in the future.

The services


  • BrandingArtificial
  • Intelligence Development
  • Web Development
  • App Development
  • Persuasive Design
  • Content Marketing
  • Creativity