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Product Owner

[CUA-5]: Product Owner

Are you passionate about developing innovative digital products with emerging technologies?
Are you a fan of blockchain, NFTs, videogames and marketplaces?
Would you like to work in Punta del Este with our team leading and developing disruptive products for start-ups and top-level corporates?
We would love to join forces!

Cualit is a full service agency that helps create quality innovative digital experiences to drive the success of the world’s leading brands and startups.


* Be the voice of the customer.
* Responsible for the product roadmap.
* Create features.
* Continuously improve the UX of the product.
* Work with internal and external clients to analyze needs and align the product roadmap with strategic objectives.
* Define the scope and prioritize the backlog items (epics / features / user stories) that guide the Agile development team.
* Solve product related problems, make decisions, trade-off analysis to meet delivery objectives.
* Define the strategy, objectives and key results.
* Create mockups and prototypes to help with development.
* Apply product data to make decisions.
* Empathize and understand in detail the end-to-end user experience, the integrations involved and dependency requirements.
* Collaborate with stakeholders during the development of a product vision and concept.
* Responsible for products created and communicate product needs with strategic partners.
* Evaluate the value, develop cases and prioritize user stories, sprints and epics to ensure that the work is focused on those items of maximum value that are aligned with the product strategy.
* Identify and help the client understand the business model, value and value proposition.
* Act as a product ambassador internally and externally and as the main contact for product-related inquiries
* Develop appropriately detailed specifications for product features so that development teams clearly understand them.
* A team leader.
* Represent the team in front of stakeholders, clients or users.
* Work in direct collaboration with product managers and senior management to create a product that adapts to the company’s portfolio.
* Research and analyze the market, users and the product roadmap.
* Stay informed of our competitors and the industry
* Understanding of Agile methodologies, Lean Startup.
* Identify opportunities for new technologies and trends.


* Entrepreneurial skills.
* Creative and strategic thinking.
* Product management.
* Knowledge of blockchain and mechanisms like Staking, PoW and more.
* Experience in sales or marketing is a plus.
* Management of stakeholders and their expectations.
* Solid knowledge and experience with agile methodologies.
* Ability to work with cross-functional teams to achieve a common goal.
* Interpersonal skills and relationship development with team members and clients.
* Experience with definition of minimum viable products.
* Know how to define the product roadmap.
* Excellent communication and leadership skills.
* Organizational skills and time management.
* Analytical and problem solving skills.
* Passion for video games and Game Economy designer skills.
* Attention to details.
* Discipline.
* Active listening.
* General understanding of the technologies used in the product.
* Very good level of English, oral and written.

We value:

* Experience in gaming, blockchain and product management
* Marketing and sales experience
* PMP Certification, Agile Scrum


Cualit provides a unique opportunity in Punta del Este where you will have the possibility to access the following benefits:

* Experience in top-level national and international projects.

* Opportunity to add experience in innovative and challenging technology, marketing and design projects.

* Training and experience in the latest technologies on the market.

* flexible schedule.

* monthly after-office with activities that will surprise you.

* Extension of network of contacts.

* Possibility of joining an excellent work team and an excellent work environment.

and more!


* 40 hours / week

* Compensation: 4,000 – 6,000 USD / liquid month

* Location: Punta del Este, Uruguay


We appreciate sending your CV by email to with the subject: [CUA-5]: Product Owner.
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Good luck!