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Project Manager

[CUA-25]: Project Manager

Are you passionate about managing innovative digital projects with emerging technologies?
Are you a fan of blockchain, NFTs, videogames and marketplaces?
Would you like to work in Punta del Este with our team leading and managing disruptive products for start-ups and top-level corporates?
We would love to join forces!

Cualit is a full service agency that helps create quality innovative digital experiences to drive the success of the world’s leading brands and startups.


* Define the scope and prioritize the backlog items (epics / features / user stories) that guide the Agile development team.
* Develop adequately detailed specifications on product features so that development teams clearly understand them.
* Predict the resources needed to achieve the objectives and manage them effectively and efficiently.

* Develop and manage a detailed project schedule and work plan.
* Coordinate with members of the multidisciplinary team to ensure all parties are up to date with project requirements, deadlines, and schedules.
* Meet with the team to identify and solve problems.
* Submit project deliverables and ensure they meet quality standards.
* Prepare and submit project status reports.
* Establish effective communication plans and ensure their execution.
* Manage change requests to ensure all parties are informed of schedule and budget impacts.
* Coordinate the development of user manuals, training materials, and other documents as necessary to enable successful implementation and transfer of the process or system to stakeholders.
* Prepare budget based on scope of work and resource requirements.
* Manage contracts with vendors and suppliers assigning tasks and communicating the expected deliverables.
* Use the best PMI and Agile practices, techniques and industry standards throughout the project execution.
* Monitor progress and make necessary adjustments.
* Measure project performance to identify areas for improvement.
* Identify and develop new opportunities with clients.
* Obtain customer acceptance of the project deliverables.
* Manage customer satisfaction during the transition period of the project.
* Conduct a post-project evaluation and identify both successful and unsuccessful project elements and document lessons learned.
* Be a team leader.
* Represent the team in front of stakeholders, clients or users.
* Work in direct collaboration with the product owner, software developers, designers, QA, product managers and senior management to create a product that adapts to the company’s portfolio.
* Identify opportunities for new technologies and trends.


* Strong motivation to learn the mechanisms of Blockchain Gaming (MFT, DeFi).
* Advanced studies, preferably in information technology.
* Solid technical training, with knowledge or practical experience in software development and web technologies.
* Proven work experience as a project manager in the information technology sector.
* Experience with project management software.
* Excellent customer-facing and internal communication skills
* Excellent written and oral communication skills.
* Excellent leadership skills.
* Strong organizational skills that include attention to detail, multitasking skills, and time management.
* Analytical and problem solving skills.
* Entrepreneurial skills.
* PMP / SCRUM certification.
* Creative and strategic thinking.
* Solid knowledge and experience with agile methodologies.
* Ability to work with cross-functional teams to achieve a common goal.
* Experience with definition of minimum viable products.
* Know how to define the product roadmap.
* Passion for video games.
* Attention to details.
* Discipline.
* Active listening.
* General understanding of the technologies used in the product.
* Very good level of English, both orally and in writing.

We value:

* Gaming experience
* Experience in blockchain and mechanisms like Staking, PoW and more.
* Experience with Jira


Cualit provides a unique opportunity in Punta del Este where you will have the possibility of:

* Add experience in top-level projects both nationally and internationally.
* Add experience in super innovative and challenging technology, marketing and design projects.
* Train you and add experience with the latest technologies on the market.
* Have flexible hours.
* Monthly after-office with activities that will surprise you.
* Expand your network of contacts.
* Join an excellent work team and an excellent work environment.

And more!


* 40 hours / week
* Remuneration according to experience
* License
* Retirement contributions, health insurance, taxes and covered sole proprietorship expenses.
* Independent professional
* Location: Punta del Este, Uruguay


We appreciate sending your CV by email to with the subject: [CUA-25]: Project Manager.
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Good luck!