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Content marketing 101

Whether you’re just starting out with content marketing, or you’ve been using the same approach for a while, one of the first steps to take if you want to stand out from your competitors is to have a smart content marketing strategy plan.

As Hubspot states, a content marketing strategy “is the piece of your marketing plan that continuously demonstrates who you are and the expertise you bring to your industry”. This type of content is vital for the growth of your business, as long as you have a good plan.

So, how do you create a content marketing strategy?

First of all, you need to define your goal, your aim for developing a content marketing plan.
Then, you need to define your target audience, in order to generate relevant and valuable content that they want to read.
After that, you can start  brainstorming content ideas, let your imagination fly, always focusing on your target and their interests.

Types of content:

There are plenty of options for content you can create. The most popular formats are:

Blog Posts

You can have a blog on your website, but you need to know that Blog Posts should be published regularly in order to attract new visitors. As we said before, all your posts should provide valuable information for your target. If your content is useful for them, they will share it.


Infographics can organize and visualize data in a more compelling way, making it clearer and easier to understand.

This format is commonly used on social media platforms, because it’s more effective and shareable than long, tedious explanations. News and magazines use this format all the time.


This is one of the most engaging formats, but requires a bigger investment of time and resources than graphic or written content. Despite that, videos are so effective that it’s a medium worth experimenting with.


This is a format that is increasingly growing. If you are thinking about interviewing people, you can consider podcasting as another content format to experiment with.

Social Media

Posting on social media is vital to amplify your brand’s reach and deliver your content to your customers where you know they spend their time. As the others formats, it’s important to post the type of content your followers expect to see; and to adapt the content on the different platforms.

At Cualit, we are constantly planning and designing global content marketing strategies for various customers in multiple industries, in order to help them grow their business. You can check out some of our case studies here.

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