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Cualit is a one stop digital agency that delivers innovative quality experiences.
Single vendor. Cohesive services. Save time and money.



Your vision is our mission – Devoted team

Applied standards, methodologies and best practices – Quality

Honest and open communication – Transparency

Every detail matters – Personalization

Highly trained, educated – Experienced team

Integrated services – From Software to Marketing

Creativity & Innovation – Unique differentiated products

Immediate response – Direct communication

Broad technology support – Full stack

Excellent time zone support – For US/LATAM customers


We provide fully integrated services to deliver unique experiences for your customers, making their lives easier and happier.


Be the leading multinational digital agency firm, with special interest in art and technology.


Martin Perez
Chief Executive Officer

Software Engineer, Certified VISA PIN Security Auditor, Certified Project Manager Professional, Sportsman and Outdoor Enthusiast. Co-founder and CEO @cualit.

Federico Perez
Chief Operating Officer

Telematic Engineer, Co-founder and COO @Cualit.
He is the Yeti of technologies and a soccer lover.

Guzmán Fernández
Associate Software Developer
Andrés Peña
Associate Software Developer

Angular Silent Killer and all it’s derivates. HTML5 is afraid of him!

Andrés González
Associate Software Developer

We called him ‘Big’. Programming expert with 1 TB of RAM. We’ve never seen him angry and we don’t know what could happened. We don’t want to know…

Luciano Paris Teodoro
Multimedia Architect

Specialized in Visual identity, creative art for advertising and Brand Digital Development Lead

Florencia Sallaberry
Associate Communications and Marketing Analyst

Graduated in Corporate Communications. Passionate about Social Media, pet lover and writer wannabe.

Mauricio Rodríguez
Associate Software Developer

Music and sports lover by day, craft beer taster by night. Series and movies addict. Programming is his carnival.

María Victoria Kraglievich
Sales Executive

She is Coqui and is responsible for making Cualit look good at the near shore (Argentina). She is passionate about acting, as a manifestation of art and freedom.


We know you value quality and timeliness, that’s why we’ve created a unique agile methodology to meet your expectations:

  • Follow your project in real time
  • Weekly goals
  • Weekly follow up meetings
  • Monthly timesheet reports delivered to you


  • Adoption of PMI as a reference standard, using the best quality practices suggested in each of our projects.
  • Effective and efficient communication, directly with our clients, providing a greater understanding of the requirements.
  • Constant innovation, adopting the latest technology, building innovative solutions.
  • Attractive products to the general public with a strong focus on the creativity of the designs.
  • Development of robust, high-availability solutions, always oriented to optimize performance and reduce response times.
  • Continuous improvement in the activities and processes of the company, aiming to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the same.