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Casapueblo is a building constructed by the Uruguayan artist Carlos Páez Vilaró, that now works as a museum. Being one of the main tourist points of the country, Casapueblo receives thousands of people a year, among them, international personalities, who delight in the works of the artist.

Looking for a continuous improvement in its communication, they decided to trust in us for the development of its new website.

For the web design, we sought to innovate with trends that are currently being used in museums and art galleries, respecting and being faithful to the style of Carlos Páez Vilaró and Casapueblo; but also taking care that the design of the web remains in the background and that the true protagonist is the artist and his works of art.

The web works as a digital multimedia encyclopedia on the life and work of Carlos Páez Vilaró and on the history of Casapueblo. In addition, it is a huge source of information for tourists who want to visit them. A clear and simple navigation structure was achieved, where all the details enumerated by the client were contemplated.