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A mobile emergency service with 35 years of experience that wanted to update their communication with a new strategy. They were looking to have presence on social media and be able to reach their target in an easier way and being more emotional, getting closer to users.

We started by giving them new focus on the way they communicate with their customers, appealing to the emotional and to the familiar. They were seeking to reinforce their two main pillars: emotionality and responsibility. 

We developed a social media strategy, which included creation of weekly content and campaigns. The emotivity content was used to position the brand, and the responsibility is meant to help educate people. We also took care of sending monthly newsletters, and helped them with design beyond the networks.

The results were very encouraging. With their engagement in social media, users showed a lot of commitment with the brand and they started to feel closer to it, achieving what the client was looking for when they hired us.