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Benefits Club

Benefits Club is a mobile appthat brings together the best discounts and benefits in Punta del Este, Uruguay’s most popular and iconic city and the whole state of Maldonado.



Visa, the Gastronomic Corporation and the Punta del Este Hotel Center, together with Maldonado Municipality, APROTUR and the Punta del Este Bureau, summoned Cualit to develop a platform that would bring together the best discounts and benefits in one place, to take advantage of Punta del Este and its surroundings to the fullest.




The challenge in this project was to develop an app that would fulfill the needs of all parts involved in it whilst having the quality and security standards that a financial institution such as Visa requires. On the other hand, the challenge was to create an identity and design that would transmit confidence and exclusiveness.

It seemed to us that it was a great opportunity to  help promote touristic activities and promotions in the place where many of us were born and currently lived, so we put on the projects’ hat with a little extra love.

It was a great opportunity to achieve something cool, innovative that would help all who are part of this public-private venture.

Following this same path, we also proposed a Social Media strategy contemplating the needs of the project. When choosing the platforms to be used with a brand or in a project that combines several, it is important to find a unified criteria and put yourself in the place of the target audience of each one in order to communicate effectively.

The client appreciated our initiative and fell in love with the proposal, the community has been increasing steadily, with very good levels of interaction and engagement, showing a good response from followers towards the content.

All the feedback received has helped participating businesses to enhance the creativity in their proposals and generate increasingly interesting benefits for the public.

This experience was another test in which the concept that listening and respecting your customers is as important as knowing and understanding them was reaffirmed.

The solution


In the development of the app we seek to innovate and apply a design that invites you to live each proposed experience in a friendly, beautiful way while being simple to use for tourists and residents in this corner of the world.

We cannot forget that the protagonists here will always be the proposals and events promoted, so minimalism and sobriety in design plays a fundamental role.

The process was really a teamwork between the client and Cualit.

Designing and organizing each benefit represented a real coordination challenge due to the volume of information, its diversity and the extent of the content to be published.

In social media we also carry out strategic planning and Social Media Management work, supporting the benefits from attractive content.




  • App Development
  • Branding
  • Persuasive Design
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Management
  • Analytics




Benefits Club was an opportunity for Cualit to innovate and carry out a creative and dynamic project.

Developing the app that involves online payment methods such as Visa,   was exhaustive work that involved lot’s of security concers and requirements that, thanks to our experience, we were able to sort out successfully. 

The result  was a mobile  app that works as a digital multimedia card with the best discounts and benefits in the area.

In social media we analyze every word, interaction and feeling generated with each proposal. We get people to interact in a great way with posts.

Benefits Club is a project that makes us fall in love with all different areas of expertise working together and making us feel proud of making Punta del Este known around the world.