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Audiovisual production for Cornelio Deli Café

Cornelio is working alongside Cualit in their Digital Marketing strategy since day one.

In addition to the management of their social networks, we filmed and produced an institutional video.  

The video intends to reflect the culture of Cornelio and how they work, as a “behind the scenes” that answers the typical question “What is Cornelio about?”. It’s an excellent way to show the tempting dishes to the viewer, the gastronomic options and how they are produced.

Cornelio choose to produce a video so that the brand was properly communicated while also differentiate it from the competition. It is a strategy to establish a unique style and character. Our focus was to produce a video that represented what defines Cornelio: a “cool” place with a modern gastronomic proposal and a cozy atmosphere. This style intends to be shown in the shots, their transitions, the speed and the music.

We invite you to learn about more reasons why creating an institutional video can help you improve your brand presence.

Watch the result of our work and enjoy Cornelio’s proposal!

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