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Apatie is a professional insurance broker company with more than 48 years in the industry. They provide the client with the corresponding procedures about insurance services, guaranteeing their security.

They began working with us looking for a marketing strategy that would help them improve their presence in social media and to reach potential customers. 

In the beginning, the main challenge was to enhance the brand by achieving better online positioning and thus increase sales. This year, they are celebrating their 48th anniversary and wanted to leverage this situation to attract and engage more customers, so they were looking for something innovative that would provide customers with better solutions.

We proposed the restructure and redesign of its aesthetic and the way they present its products. The strategy’s main objective was to communicate the benefits of having an insurance broker and how it can be of great help in all situations, not only by publicizing the services but also the advantages of having a trusted broker.

Within this strategy, we developed monthly content for social media. We also made an online campaign with the objective of reaching potential clients and generating conversion. We include WhatsApp as a diffusion channel and we made specific contents for this network. We also developed mailing campaigns. 

In order to celebrate the company’s 48th anniversary and to achieve their goals, we ideate and developed an application that allows the user to manage their insurance, to hire services, chat with a specialist and access all of their policies. In case of an accident, the user can enter the application and make the corresponding procedure in a simpler way.

We created an application that works as an instant solution for customers: simplifies the process, saves time and attends their needs for protection, security, and tranquility.

The services

  • Community Management
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Persuasive Design
  • Analytics