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Animation and Production of Digital Spots

Assuming challenges and getting out of our comfort zone are two things that define how we work at Cualit.

We are passionate about getting involved into different projects, but always looking for a common result: professionalism and originality.

In our portfolio there is a variety of projects that covers the areas of design, technology and art. Among them, production of digital spots and animation.

On the discipline of Graphic Design, came a time when it was necessary to move from static campaigns to what is called Motion Graphics.

It can be understood as “moving graphics” and is a digital animation technique that allows animators to give life to the graphic elements used in a creative composition (images, vectors, typographies, 3D elements). Motion Graphics have been a revolution in the advertising and cinematographic field, since they transfer expressivity to the creative compositions.

Today they are a highly used communication tool. In Marketing, they have landed to help communicate in a more direct, clear and warmer way.

In an increasingly faster world, the videos provide visual information that powers the reception of the message in the final client.

We invite you to see some of our productions:

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