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Android: PrecoSign

PRECODATA SA a Uruguayan company whose vision is to provide an innovative service with a strict commitment to safety and reliable support of their customers operations, chose Cualit to develop it’s Android Application: PrecoSign.

PrecoSign is an Android Application capable of viewing and editing PDF Contracts, with the ability to Sign them digitally, warranting the correct identity of the Signer as well as the security behind transactions.

PrecoSign’s complete feature list is as follows:


  • View and Navigate PDF Documents
  • Zoom with Touch Gestures
  • Complete PDF Forms with text-fields
  • Digitized Signature on PDF Documents
  • Biometric data Capturing (Pressure, Speed etc.)
  • Digitally Signed Signatures
  • PKI Encryption
  • Version History of Signed Fields
  • Page Cache for Optimum performance
  • Android 4.0+ (Tablet compatible)


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